I changed users and still was unable to either lock the taskbar or pin shortcuts to it. Good evening experts, On 10/19/2011 I posted the question: How do I pin an application to the taskbar in windows 7 programatically. I haven't found any "I cannot pin an application to the taskbar in Windows 7." running windows 7 rc. ... Windows 7: Cannot pin application to the taskbar. By default, this will not work. Thus, to fix the issue that application programs unable to pin to Taskbar and Start Menu, just re-add the IsShortcut registry key back to .lnk (and other extensions if applicable) shortcut to reset and restore back original registry values. So my "pin to taskbar" just creates an empty folder without a shortcut. How to Change the Position of the Taskbar in Windows 7. ... Windows 7 40. I am also able to unpin from taskbar, that works. It also supports pinning via the command line. Provides a resolution for program icons pinned to the taskbar that may be missing or be displayed incorrectly on Windows 7-based computers. *For some reason I am unable to pin apps (or shortcuts to apps) on the Taskbar. When right click on a program icon or shortcut, the Pin to Taskbar and Pin to Start Menu context menu is missing and not showing too. One interesting thing I have found is when i click the Pin to taskbar option, it creates a new item in C:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar but the new icon doesn't show in the taskbar and windows still takes the running software in the taskbar as not pinned. ... Windows 7: Cannot pin application to the taskbar. ... that wont Pin to Taskbar in Windows 7; I have an annoying problem: The taskbar has pinned all of the programs, which I use all the time: Explorer (File Browser), Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Steam, Winamp and Mozilla Minefield (Beta version of the Firefox) The problem is that when I click Steam, Winamp or Minefield open, they pop up new icon to the The problem is that I can't pin anything to the taskbar. Last week, the Windows Explorer disappeared, and I could not get it to pin back. How to Force Unpin Windows 7 Taskbar Icons. 0 . I have searched everything, reset the taskbar, fixed the registry .lnk key and still problem persists. Fix Unable to Pin App to Taskbar and Start Menu (Missing Context Menu and Jump ... Just had the same problem was unable to pin This tutorial will teach the reader how to force unpin unwanted icons on Windows 7 taskbar in When I try to drag an application to the taskbar, a red round sign appears. Hello. Ive included in the attachment for this post a switch-driven MDT script, PinItem.wsf, that can be used to pin items to the Start Menu or Windows 7 Taskbar. esim2101.exe - Pin to Start, Pin to Taskbar. recently, I couldn't anymore. One of my end users is not able to customize her taskbar, desktop, or start menu. If we simply rename the esilaw.exe file to any other name it works fine and the Pin to Taskbar option is available. "I cannot pin an application to the taskbar in Windows 7." Is anyone else having difficulties pinning InstallShield 2011 to the Windows 7 taskbar? Unable to Pin Shortcuts to Taskbar. With Windows 7 beta 1, when you drag a file onto the Taskbar, you are given the option to pin the file to its associated application.